New FBC Seasonal Release : Conchtoberfest

31 Aug

As the seasons change and the cooler, harvest months approach more complex, darker beers start arriving in breweries, bars and stores all around the country. From  spiced ales, pumpkin brews and thicker malty delights it’s easy to get lost in the “cornucopia” of  new brews on the scene this fall. To help aid you on your quest for the perfect fall thirst “quencher”, our brewers at FBC have been tirelessly at work coming up with a delicious malt centric, well-balanced, traditional  Oktoberfest style Marzen, with a Florida twist, called Conchtoberfest. This brew will transport you from the beach and place you in a Bavarian beer hall, where you will be clanking steins and “Prosting” while eating your weight in pretzels and beer cheese soup.

Conchtoberfest is brewed with the highest quality 2-Row and Munich malts followed by using German Traditional and Tettnang hops that will impart a subtly low hop bitterness balanced with a smooth malty taste.We will hold our Conchtoberfest Release Party on Sept. 22nd in the official FBC tasting room where we will have beer infused truffles provided by Lush Confections, traditional German Fare from Edelweis and traditional Bavarian beer hall games such as the Masskrugstemmen, which is according to the American German Club official definition is:

“Masskrugstemmen,” which translates loosely to the lifting of a liter mug of beer, is a well-known
and a competitive Bavarian sport. The “Masskrug,” a 1 Liter Stein is held with one arm,
completely stretched out and parallel to the floor. The goal is simple:

To hold a filled stein as long as possible!

Here are a few photos of Conchtoberfest being bottled and packaged to ensure the freshest possible brew for you.

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Live Florida. Drink Florida.

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